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Engagement Pictures in Your Home // Cleveland Wedding Photographers

Michael and Katherine wanted their engagement pictures in their home. They recently purchased their house and wanted it to be the backdrop of  their engagement pictures. I loved the idea.

On Location Photography

Having my photo sessions on location ensures that my clients will always have unique pictures. Having it in their home means that their pictures will not only be unique, but also more meaningful. This is SO important to me. Taking beautiful pictures is my highest priority but if I can take photos that are also meaningful to my clients then that is even better. Really it’s as equally as important as the aesthetic beauty of the picture when I really think about it.

Great Light

Having pictures in their home meant that I could control the light. This is important for quality portraits. A lot of photographers will not want to guide the clients thru the process but I feel that if my clients are paying me, they should get the best pictures that I can offer. That means a bit of instruction to get them to look their absolute best.

Michael and Katherine did fantastic. They have a beautiful home that was perfect for their engagement session. I am look forward to their wedding day in June. Here are a few favorites.


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