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Engagement Pictures in Kauai, Hawaii // Cleveland Photographer

The third and last day of Sean and Yifan’s engagement pictures in Kauai took place right outside of their hotel. At this point, they had already done a ton of pictures so convenience was the key on this day. They could have gotten all the pictures that they would need around the grounds of the Marriott Beach Club, so these pictures were icing on the cake of their very successful week of engagement pictures in Hawaii.

Ocean Waves in Engagement Pictures in Kauai

A break wall just a short walk from their hotel made for a great location for engagement pictures by the ocean. So this is where we started,  The water splashed over the wall creating dramatic affect. This is where they began their day of pictures. Then, a short walk back to the grounds of the Marriott and they were able to get more wonderful photos.

Marriott Beach Club

A stroll thru the Marriott grounds was so beautiful and presented them with a ton of options for great pictures. The weather was absolutely perfect like it was the entire week, so the pictures turned out wonderfully. And, at this point, Sean and Yifan had become pros in front of the camera. They will be awesome on their wedding day. I will definitely be looking forward to it.

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