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Engagement Pictures at Progressive Field // Cleveland Engagement

When Erin and Josh mentioned that they wanted to do engagement pictures at Progressive field, home of the Cleveland Indians, I said, “great idea.” When they told me that they want to do the engagement session during a game…inside the park…in a suite…behind home plate…and, by the way, there are fireworks that night. I said, “GREAT IDEA!!” This is why I have the best clients on the planet 🙂 .

We met before the game and did some pictures around their suite and around Progressive Field. Our main goals were 1) get great pictures with this special access (duh!) 2) get a shot of them with their names appearing on the scoreboard (a challenge, but accepted), 3) get pics of them during fireworks after the game.

A session like this is a bit challenging. I am limited as to what photography equipment that I am allowed to take into the stadium. I’m not one that believes that the equipment makes the artist. But for certain types of pictures, there are particular equipment requirements that are necessary.  Plus, fireworks pictures are always a challenge. So my work was cut out for me.

Erin and Josh’s families were there as well as some of their friends. There was a party atmosphere during the game and it was a great time. They were gracious enough to invite my wife, Marie, and we had a blast. She even assisted me on a few photos 🙂

When the time came for their name to appear on the scoreboard we had to be ready. Posing is limited because we only have seconds to get the shot. Their name came up for about 5 seconds and we got a shot.

I was very excited about the fireworks. Again, super challenging to catch just the right burst but also, even though I was using a flash, Josh and Erin had to stay very still since the shots would be long exposures. You can see the best shot below. Since I couldn’t take a tripod in, which is a requirement for long exposures, I had to use a small light stand to steady my camera. I put my flash in a beer mug and placed it on a shelf next to them (MacGyver how?).

I want to thank them on behalf of my wife and I for a very fun evening, and for having such a great idea for engagement pictures at Progressive field. Here are a few of my favorites.

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