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Engagement Pictures at Night in Downtown Cleveland

I met Angie and Ryan for the engagement pictures at night in downtown Cleveland. They wanted unique engagement pictures. They wanted creative engagement pictures. So we figured unique and different…lets do their engagement session at night. And there is not better place for a session like that then in downtown Cleveland.

Engagement Pictures on East Fourth Street

I could think of no better location for their night session than East Fourth Street. Lots of lights. Usually a lot of activity. And there was since this was a Friday Night. When I saw them arrive, I knew this was going to be an awesome night. They coordinated their outfits perfectly. Obviously, a lot of thought was put into it. Coordinating like this can only make their pictures better. With matching outfits, they will have more aesthetically pleasing pictures. I always try to consult with my clients about this. Coordinate but don’t wear the exact same thing (so 1980’s 😛 ).

Pictures in Cleveland Businesses

As we walked up and down East Fourth Street looking for interesting patterns of light, we passed Lake Erie Coffee. We thought, lets take a short reprieve, freshen up and get some coffee. While in there, I couldn’t help but notice and interesting spot. I put Angie and Ryan there and got, what I think, is a pretty interesting image (see featured image and below).

After our coffee, we continues to meander along the street of Cleveland still chasing interesting light. Angie and Ryan were SO great the whole time. Comfortable in front of the camera. Laughing and having fun. These are the elements that make for great engagement pictures. The engagement session is an extremely important part of the wedding planning process, in my opinion. That is why I always include it in my minimum wedding photography coverage. I discuss this at length -HERE-.

I am SO excited for Angie and Ryan’s wedding day. Their wedding ceremony will be at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Canton followed by their wedding reception at Shady Hollow Country Club. Here are a few of my favorites from their engagement pictures at night in downtown Cleveland.

Update: Angie and Ryan had ANOTHER epic engagement session in Brandywine Falls.

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