Covid-19 Wedding Compromise // Cleveland Wedding Photographers

Covid-19 Wedding Compromise // Cleveland Wedding Photographers

  • Post published:April 15, 2020
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Yesterday was supposed to be a Las Vegas wedding celebration for Lorenzo, Amber and their family. But they had to make a wedding compromise because of Covid-19. Their trip had to be cancelled when the country went into lock down.

Pandemic Shuts Everything Down

These are very strange times that we are living in. Unprecedented steps are being taken in every facet of life.  The wedding industry has been shut down completely. Weddings are being rescheduled and, in some cases, outright cancelled. Social distancing rules the day and for good reason. People are sick and some are dying from the virus. It’s something we all need to take seriously. But there was an opportunity to rise above it.

Love Wins

Amber contacted me after their trip had to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  As a compromise, they were thinking of getting married on their deck with just their family, and wanted to respect the social distancing rules. I thought it was a great idea.  I’ve been couped up like everyone else so getting my camera back in my hands was an exciting prospect. But more than that, I liked the idea of, in a way, standing up to the Pandemic. Not disrespecting it, but just injecting some semblance of normalcy back into the day. April 14 was their anniversary of being a couple so that was they day that they chose.

There was exactly 10 people at their ceremony. I never had to be closer than 6-10 feet to anyone, so we were good there.  It was quite cold, but no one really cared. The ceremony was small, intimate, and safe. It was such a joy to take part considering the circumstances. Since none of their extended family or friends could attend due to everyone respecting social distancing rules, they were surprised when a convoy of cars drove by, honked and yelled congratulatory greetings from their cars. This was so awesome. I love it.  Creating happiness in the face of uncertainty and necessary inconvenience. It was such an honor to be a part of this very special event.

Here are a few pictures. wedding ceremony flowers bridesmaid and flower girl peeking out at wedding ceremony  candles being lit before intimate Cleveland wedding kids decoration at Cleveland intimate wedding covid-19 wedding ceremony wedding guest obeying social distancing guidelines groom waiting for bride bride walking to her intimate Cleveland wedding bride walking to wedding during social distancing groom watching bride walk to him during wedding ceremony brides homemade wedding bouquet groom reacting to vows at Cleveland wedding ceremony bride reading vows during cleveland wedding ceremony bride's wedding vows groom putting on brides wedding ring bride putting on grooms wedding band  wedding formality at intimate cleveland wedding first kiss at small cleveland wedding groom kissing bride after their wedding ceremony in Cleveland social distancing congratulations after wedding wedding congratulations after social distancing wedding ceremony wedding party waving at wedding guests more wedding guest congratulating bride and groom sign on car congratulating bride and groom wedding couple in cleveland waving at family