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Corona Wedding Ceremony // Cleveland Wedding Photographers

Reid and Michelle had the wedding of their dreams planned. And then the pandemic stepped in. They debated rescheduling the entire day but decided that their wedding ceremony wouldn’t be denied. A corona wedding ceremony would be it.

Love and Determination Wins

Abiding by social distancing guidelines, they decided to have immediate family only. Nine people plus their wedding photographer (me 🙂 )  Michelle has been best friends with her maid of honor, Kaitlyn, since they were small children so she was part of that immediate family. I’m really glad that Kaitlyn was able to participate. Limiting the guest list to only 10 people could make the event less of…well…an event. Being able to have her maid of honor by her side, helping her with all of her details contributed to a sense of authenticity that was especially important on this wedding day.

Starting the Wedding Day Out Together

Both Reid and Michelle prepared for the wedding ceremony at Michelle’s parent’s home in Akron, Ohio. Although they saw each other in the morning, once they were adorned with their wedding attire, they didn’t see each other until Michelle walked down the aisle. This was convenient not only for them, but for me as well. Since the guest list was dictated by corona wedding ceremony guidelines, my assistant, Kristen, was unable to attend. So I was able to easily cover both Reid and Michelle without missing much action.

Here are just a few of my favorite images from the first part of their day.

Pams Posies wedding table centerpiecewedding day beveragescoronavirus wedding ceremony detailwedding dinner table set upwedding dinner table settingclose up of wedding dinner table settingwedding rings for Akron ceremonyPams Posies boutonniere container wide angle shot of grooms mom getting ready brides wedding dress hanging on doorwedding boutonnieres by Pams Posiesbrides brother playing piano wedding gift with flowers by Pams Posies bride helping mom with make-up mom laughing as bride applies wedding day make-up maid of honor applying wedding day make-up wedding day coffee cup close up of maid of honor applying wedding day make up heart decoration with wedding dress details picture of bride and maid of honor when they were little bride and maid of honor prepping for wedding day bride and maid of honor doing thier hair  heart hanging on brides door bride putting on her shoes brides dad written notebride walking down stairs  bride and maid of honor laughing brides dad speaking with son  wedding day champagne flutesgrooms dad helping groom with tie groom tucking in his wedding tux shirtgroom portrait on his wedding day groom adjusting his wedding tux tiebride laughing