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Club at Hillbrook Wedding

There are so many advantages to having a Club at Hillbrook wedding. The first is that Hillbrook absolutely beautiful. The former home of a Cleveland businessman and then converted into a bed and breakfast, for a photographer, it offers endless opportunities for great pictures.

Secondly, because it’s a bed and breakfast, the bride, groom and wedding guests can stay right at the ceremony location. This is SUPER convenient, especially during early morning on the wedding day. The bride can get up and get spoiled, which is exactly what Berta did. She was able to relax, enjoy the moments that naturally happened on her wedding day. This also enabled me to photograph great moments, as you can see below.

Vytas prepared on the lower level and we did the standard portraits in the music room. The warm wood paneling and great natural light enabled me to get great pictures. So many great area within the house.

They had their nuptials out in the back courtyard. It was a beautiful day so this was an absolutely perfect outdoor wedding ceremony.

They had their wedding reception on the patio of the Club at Hillbrook which we will post tomorrow. Here are a few of our favorites from the first half of their Club at Hillbrook wedding day.

See Vytas and Berta’s award winning wedding album design.

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