About You

Most wedding photographers always have an “About Me” section in some form on their website. This is a section where they tell you all about themselves and try to convey who they are in the two dimensional element that is a webpage.  There is one on this website. But everything that we do is about you. So this page was created just for you.


You have more than a passing interest in your wedding photography. You care deeply about quality and great customer service.


 You want and expect the best out of everything that you invest your time, effort and money. 


You care about experience. There are no “do overs” for weddings so it’s important to you that you have someone who has the experience to handle anything.


You care as much about candid moments as much as you do about posed pictures

YOU are the most important element in everything that we do. It is YOUR wedding that will be documented in an authentic and skillful manner. It is YOUR relationships that will be captured in a photo that lasts forever. YOU are the most important piece in the wedding photography puzzle.

When you consider Spencer Photography for your wedding, YOU are the only thing that matters. 

Limiting the use of the words “I” “Me” and “My” and overusing the pronoun “You” . The philosophy that we live by.

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