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Blogger’s Event in Cleveland – Cleveland Event Photographer

  • Post published:May 22, 2018
  • Post category:Events

A photographer blogger blogging about bloggers at a blogger event in Cleveland (I couldn’t wait to type that!).Every so often I have the opportunity to document events in Cleveland that take me outside of my comfort zone. Being known, primarily, as a wedding photographer, it is great to be able to stretch my wings (or is it legs?), so to speak, and photograph something different and unique.

The group for this event is called the Lady Bloggers of Northeast Ohio. They meet bi-monthly to socialize and share ideas. The event was organized and orchestrated by Brittney Moffat of “According to Brittney“. This was one of those events.

Blogger Event

Oftentimes, when I photograph events, I learn something new about the world. Now, I knew that people blog (duh!). Most photographers do. It’s a necessity, in my opinion. But there is a community of bloggers who interact with each other on a regular basis and even get together to socialize. I was asked to attend this particular meeting in order to, primarily, do headshots for the attendees. However, this turned into a little more.  Some of the participants wanted more than a typical headshot. I was all for it. I was able to get all creative 😛

Cleveland Event Vendor

The event was held at Borrow Event Rentals. A great Cleveland business that rents just about anything event related. One of Cleveland’s great event vendors.  The group was set up in the Showroom of Borrowed and I, pretty much, could use any of the space for pictures. Initially, thinking in “headshot mode” I quickly started to explore the space once some of the participates requested “something different” and creative. It was beautiful sunny, if not a bit windy, day so we utilized the exterior of the building right out on St. Clair. All in all, it turned out to be a great event.

I met a lot of very nice and interesting people. So glad that I was asked to participate. Here are some images from the event

Borrowed Rentel sign outside Cleveland blogger event woman getting hair done at Cleveland blogger eventCleveland shirt at Borrowed Rental event table cloth being spread at Borrowed Rental event  Borrow Rental event in Cleveland table being set  jewelry being displayed at Cleveland blogger event Cleveland sign at Borrowed Rental event jewelry display at Cleveland blogger event Annie's Signature Sweets at Cleveland blogger event Annie's Signature Sweets box at Borrowed Rental event in Cleveland photographer checking her camera at blogger event in Cleveland  Cleveland blogger setting up jewelry at Borrowed Rental Cleveland blogger event at Borrowed Rental  plates being storage at Borrowed Rental in Cleveland Cleveland blogger event attendee listening at blogger event in Cleveland