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Best Wedding Reception Facilities in Cleveland

I felt compelled to share my best wedding reception facilities in Cleveland. I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 17 years and I have worked at A LOT of reception venues. Most all are perfectly adequate. But there are a few that I just love. First and foremost they take care of my clients. That is most important. But they also make sure that their facility is in top shape and ready to entertain. Great staff. Great wedding coordinators. And, they are some of the most unique and different reception venues around, in my opinion. Here is a brief list of my best wedding reception facilities in Cleveland and some of my favorite places to take pictures in cleveland ohio.

House of Blues –

I love House of Blues because it is just so different. Not your typical reception venue and it is a super cool facility. Jennifer and the rest of the staff at House of Blues Cleveland rock (pun intended 🙂 )! The performance stage. The Foundation Room. A place where you can have one of a kind wedding details. All things that make for one of the most unique wedding reception venues in Cleveland. Wedding guests always have a great time there and my clients are always happy. Also, it’s directly across the street from the Hyatt Regency at the Cleveland Arcade. So, transporting your guests is not necessary. They just walk across the street.  Here are some blog posts from weddings receptions that I’ve documented there. -HERE- , -HERE- and -HERE- 

Union Club of Cleveland –

Although you need to be a member or have a member refer you, if you want a classic, rich feel to your wedding reception, Union Club of Cleveland is perfect. Beautiful rich woodwork dominate the interior. A gorgeous grand staircase begs to be photographed every time that I’m there. Nancy, the event coordinator, is just terrific. She is always a joy and is always spot on with my clients. Plus, they have suites that can be reserved for overnight stay. This makes it super convenient, not only for the bride and groom but for guests as well.  Really a treasure in Cleveland, the Union Club is beautiful. You can also have your wedding ceremony there so it’s the perfect place to have everything on your wedding day.  Here are some blog posts from wedding receptions I’ve documents at Union Club of Cleveland. -HERE-, -HERE-

The Tudor Arms Cleveland –

Like the Union Club, Tudor Arms Hotel is perfect for an elegant wedding reception. Completed in 1933, it is a Gothic Revival building throughout. The gorgeous grand ballroom has huge chandeliers, an enormous front window that lets in an abundance of natural light. It’s warm and beautiful. The event coordinators at Tudor Arms Cleveland always goes above and beyond for my clients. They are amazing. And, being that it’s a hotel, total convenience for the bride, groom and wedding guests.  Here are some blog posts from wedding receptions that I’ve documented there. -HERE-, -HERE-

Cleveland Old Courthouse –

A historic venue and one of the most dramatic. Marble, statues and murals are throughout the facility. The stage is already set for a dramatic wedding reception. The grand staircase is one of the most photographed wedding locations in Cleveland. You have your choice of caterers so you can arrange it just as you like. Maybe a few uplights, but the Old Courthouse is all ready for your reception without having to add too many frills. The frills are built in. Here are some wedding receptions that I documented at the Cleveland Old Courthouse, -HERE-, -HERE-

The Cleveland Arcade –

Like the Old Courthouse, there isn’t much that needs done in the Arcade. It is a Cleveland landmark and connected to the Hyatt Regency Hotel, so having a wedding and reception there is a the perfect combination. Directly across the street from Cleveland’s iconic East 4th Street, one of the most popular spots for wedding pictures in Cleveland. Picking your own caterer, again, gives you flexibility to plan the perfect wedding reception. Here are some wedding receptions at the Cleveland Arcade the I’ve documented. -HERE-, -HERE- 

Lake Erie Building –

I worked a wedding reception at the Lake Erie Building for the first time just last year. I like it because it’s just different. It did help that my clients, Doug and Rhiannon, had a TON of very unique reception details. The coolest wedding cake that I’ve ever seen. Café lights. All kinds of great details. An old manufacturing plant, if you want something steel and concrete that is not your typical reception venue, the Lake Erie Building is worth a look .

You can see Doug and Rhiannon’s wedding reception at Lake Erie Building -HERE-

The Vault at the Metropolitan at the 9 –

An old bank vault in the basement of a super cool hotel. This is The Vault. I worked there for the first time last year and was blown away. The space is AWESOME. Different vaults that gives guests areas for privacy. The space is fluid and allows guests to explore. It HAS to be seen to be truly appreciated. And, because it’s in the basement of the Metropolitan at the 9, guests are an elevator ride away from their rooms. Here is the reception that I documented there last year –HERE-

Ballroom at Park Lane –

While listing my best wedding reception facilities in Cleveland, I saved the Ballroom at Park Lane for last because it holds a special place in my heart. It is where I got married and had my wedding reception. A classic ballroom vibe, as soon as we saw it we imagined jazz orchestras playing at all hours in the ballroom while guests had cocktails in the foyer. Located in University Circle right by Wade Oval Park, The Cleveland Museum of Art, Severance Hall, the Cultural Gardens. All very popular locations for wedding day pictures. We didn’t have to do much to the Ballroom. Just a few uplights and some candles to enhance the mood. It was perfect for us and will be perfect for you if you are looking for a 1930’s vibe to your wedding reception. Here is the wedding that I documented at the Ballroom at Park Lane. -HERE-

As I stated, there are many, many reception venues in Cleveland that will do a great job for you and give you a great wedding reception. These eight that I’ve listed are just some of the ones that I love working. They always present me with an awesome backdrop for beautiful and different wedding reception pictures and always take care of my clients. And that is why they are my top wedding reception venues in Cleveland.

wedding reception at house of blues
House of Blues Cleveland


first dance at union club
The Union Club of Cleveland
uplighting at tudor arms hotel - a top wedding reception venues in cleveland
Tudor Arms Cleveland
wedding cake at cleveland old courthouse
Cleveland Old Courthouse
cleveland arcade wedding reception picture
Cleveland Arcade
bride and groom hugging at lake erie building
Lake Erie Building
groomsmen at metropolitan at the 9 a best wedding reception facilities in Cleveland
The Vault at the Metropolitan at the 9
bride and groom cutting wedding cake at reception at ballroom at park lane
The Ballroom at Park Lane


As I’ve stated, these are just OUR favorite reception spots. This list of reception locations can be found on our main website, as well.