bride and groom walking with children at outdoor cleveland wedding

Candid Wedding Photography

How much do you think about candid wedding photography when considering your wedding photographer? The overwhelming majority of Cleveland wedding photography that I see is posed pictures. This is ok and I do a lot of this as well, but should your photography stop once the posing is finished?

What is a “posed” wedding picture?

Just to be clear, a “posed” wedding picture is one in which the photographer has total control over every aspect of the picture. The location, the position of the couple, the lighting. Everything. This is traditional wedding photography. It’s done at 99.99% of all weddings and is, generally, expected.

What would a wedding day be without pictures of the bride and groom standing at the altar looking at the camera? These are very simple, very straight forward pictures that are required (or should be required) on every wedding day. In most cases, these images are simple documentation of important participants during this historical event. Family, wedding party, ext.  Also, these include more artistically motivated pictures so that the bride and groom will have beautiful, artistic photos from their wedding day. But what is the wedding day REALLY about?

candid posed wedding picture in Cleveland
Cleveland groom laughing while hugging bride

Wedding days are about real moments

I say this all the time, wedding days are about real moments. The whole point of the day is to join two people together both legally and spiritually, generally. It is one of the biggest commitments that a couple will make. If not THE biggest. And, it’s a historical event, as I’ve mentioned, that involves, not only the couple, but all the people that are important in their lives. There is A LOT going on throughout the day that the couple may want to remember years from now. That is where wedding photojournalism comes in.

What is Wedding Photojournalism?

The Oxford Dictionary defines photojournalism as “The practice of communicating news by photographs, especially in magazines.” or in our case in a wedding album. The Webster-Merriman dictionary defines photojournalism as “journalism in which written copy is subordinate to pictorial usually photographic presentation of news stories or in which a high proportion of pictorial presentation is used” .  Again, in our case it’s the wedding album

The “news” in the definition is your marriage. The story is everything that happens on the wedding day. Wedding photojournalism is communicating all that happens on your wedding day as it happens. Telling the story. That is the essence of wedding photojournalism and the candid moments.

A benefit of having a photographer that does wedding candids is, most likely, they have a more photographic experience than the typical photographer, generally speaking. We have done so many wedding that we know what to expect and position ourselves to capture the action. We will also set the stage for the action.

Wedding Days Requirements

What that means is the will control our environment but not the action. Turn off lights open or close a window shade. Maybe clean up an area. Is this TRUE photojournalism? No. But a wedding day is an extremely important event so a little control is a must, even for candids.  In this day and age, where wedding photographers come and go, knowing that you have an experienced photographer is one less thing to worry about.

Having posed pictures is nice. And, as I mentioned, it’s expected. But if you want more than just posed wedding pictures, find a wedding photographer that specializes in wedding photojournalism.

Do you want all posed pictures or is having a complete story of your day more important?