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The Anderson Family Pictures // Cleveland Photographers

This was the fourth time (or was it the fifth?) that I did the Anderson Family pictures. I photographed their first two son’s Jonah and Benjamin, at least one maternity session, a gender reveal and now their new daughter, Evelyn. Not to mention their engagement session and wedding. At this point, they were pros and ready for their family photos.

I try to keep my family pictures simple. I don’t want to get overly creative since my philosophy with family photography is to try to capture the relationship dynamics within the family, rather than try to be clever with props and all that. So, keeping the lighting as simple as possible, putting the family in the quality light and see what happens.

Now, when you have two toddler boys and an infant girl, honestly, you might as well be photographing three cats. They are constantly moving. If you expect a traditional family portrait with all of the kids smiling and looking at the camera, you will be in for a lot of work. Not to mention that those type of family pictures are a bit, well, traditional. There is nothing wrong with that, but I want something more.

So, I mix up the family groupings so that there is more variety, I started with little baby Evelyn. Then with the boys. Then with the boys and Evelyn. That was the task there. Evelyn wasn’t having any of that. It turns out, she was tired. Pretty much slept thru the rest of the session.

It all turned out great. I think that the Anderson’s ended up with some great family pictures and I am very happy that we were able to get some family photos that aren’t too overly clever and creative, but still different.

I want the thank the Andersons for, once again, trusting me with their important milestones. Here are a few of my favorites from the family pictures.

Cleveland baby with bow on her head toddler sitting for Cleveland family pictures two boys in Cleveland family photochildren in family picture with crying babyparents holding baby in Cleveland newborn photography session family picture of group holding baby