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"We used Larry at our wedding. Our photos are amazing. I would recommend him to anyone!!"

Lindsey Stewart
Cleveland, OH.

About the Photographer

I started my career working as a back up for a wedding photographer in Akron, Ohio. I started out using a medium format Hasselblad 501CM (I don’t miss those days). Over 300 weddings later, I still have a passion for photographing couples on their wedding day. For me, weddings have it all: portrait photography; photojournalism; product photography (wedding details). It is all interesting and part of your day. 

A low volume full service photography service for the more discerning clientele, I am a Cleveland photographer that has specialized in candid, fine art weddings. While documenting over 300 weddings over 19 years, it has been my goal to photograph and document my clients with authenticity and artistic aptitude. Really, it’s about taking pictures of two people in love. Can your pictures reflect how the two of you feel about each other? Can I make you “feel” a moment just by looking at your picture?

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"Larry was an asset to have on our team and delivered amazing photographs! His work is unparalleled and we could not be happier with our wedding album and photographs. We will treasure them for a lifetime."

Paul and Andrea Chleboun
Chicago, IL.

In this modern age, it would be easy to rely on technology and forget about what is truly important on your wedding day. Less about overly posed, overly photoshopped pictures and more about the story of your day. Real moments that happen on your wedding are what matter and will be the pictures that I believe that you will love the most.

Other than my wife, Marie, and my son, Elliot, there is nothing more important to me than making my clients look their absolute best. Whether in their wedding pictures, senior pictures or their family portraits. (I do accept limited commissions for family and senior portraits.) 

I want to take the most beautiful pictures that you have ever seen of yourself.

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“Larry worked tirelessly the day of the wedding… He didn’t miss a beat. He’s friendly and funny and makes everyone feel comfortable."

Mike and Jo Rose
Lakewood, OH.

(216) 633-9718

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Cleveland Professional Photographer

More Thoughts on Weddings

Another great thing about photographing weddings is it is always a happy and emotional event. There is the nervousness of the bride as she puts on her wedding dress. The groom trying to act like he is NOT nervous before the wedding ceremony. Family members interacting with the bridal party. And then the celebration at the wedding reception. I get excited just thinking about it. 

 Finally, it is also a historical event.  The responsibility of documenting that event for future generations is something that I take very seriously. I want my wedding client’s children to look back at their parents wedding album and say “Look how cool my parents were!”

If I were forced to define my photographic style and put it into words, I would say that my work is precise while being natural. In order for your pictures to be as beautiful as they can be, the technical aspects of my photography have to be 100%. That is quite a task on a wedding day when you want the day to flow naturally. My goal with my clients is to prepare them as best that I can so that they can forget about the camera on their wedding day. They can be natural and their pictures will look natural.

Being able to document your wedding so that, years from your wedding date, you can remember what each moment felt like just by looking at a picture. I am obsessed with that. 

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