Wedding Photographers in Akron Ohio

Local Akron wedding photographer for more discerning clientele 

I started my career as a wedding photographer in Akron working as a back up for a local photographer. 20 years later, having photographed over 300 weddings at some of the top wedding venues throughout Northeast Ohio and in greater Akron, I still love documenting weddings in the area. 

Having grown up in Akron, I learned the in’s and outs of the city. I’ve seen some segements of Akron dimish while other areas take off and grow.  So I have more than a geographical connection to Akron. I am familiar with the best wedding reception venues in Akron and I do have some favorites. Akron Art Museum, Akron Civic Theater, Akron Hilton, Firestone Country Club, Greystone Hall, Portage Country Club, Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, just to name a few local venues. All unique and special. 

Rubber City Royalty

When planning your wedding in Akron, you should have access to all of the best wedding photographers near you. Based in Cleveland, I am only a short car ride from the local area. Every meeting, every photo session will take place at a location near you in the Akron area. Our photography is full service. We will treat you like royalty and your wedding will get the coverage that it deserves. 

If you are looking for elite wedding photographers in Akron Ohio, get in touch.